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InduTech is a technology product company.

Primarily focuses on designing and producing awesome products that fill everyone’s life with what we call Interesting Things, others also call these Internet of Things. InduTech is a technology product company which is driven under the collective aegis of technical, visionary and entrepreneurial, leadership of the founders.


Each of us wish to access more and more things with simple gestures on your smart phone. We have more friends in digital world than in real world. We mastered the art of living in these two worlds so much that consciously or unconsciously we switch between them and rarely we distinguish where one ends and where the other starts…. We at InduTech Research Labs, Passionately took on the challange to bring the balance back to the physical world, while bridging the multi-dimentional gap to the digital world with smart objects/devices. We enable real world objects respond to your gestures, more intelligently, to make most natural experience for you and bring excitement into your real world,as in digital world.

Today, everybody lives in two worlds- The real physical world and a virtual digital world.



inndineinn-dine is a product platform from InduTech that adds value to hospitality businesses by transforming the experiences of guests through unique offering in a very intuitive method. This innovative solution is also very easy to deploy and use. It is highly customizable to suit your specific business requirements.

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i2chat_webi2chat is a multi language chat application, that supports features like emotions, picture sharing, video and audio conferencing. i2chat is available on android and iOS.When it comes to Chatting, i2Chat is a special one. Unlike other common chat applications, it allows one to chat in one’s own native language…

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Smart coaster that notifies when to refill!

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iKounter helps you keep track of every single drop of beverage in your outlet !!!

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A wireless calling device for service requests, that augurs very well for restaurants and Hotels.

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InduTech supports organizations to achieve their enterprise business goals by accelerating prototyping and deployment strategies relying on our indepth knowledge of the IoT systems.


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